Create your own Energy Future.

The Energy Transition Model is an independent, comprehensive and fact-based energy model that is used by governments, corporations, NGOs and educators in various countries. It is backed by more than 20 partners. There are three different versions of the Energy Transition Model.

Education and the Energy Transition Model

Together with GasTerra and a large number of other partners, Quintel Intelligence develops an educational programme to let children and students discover the main causes and consequences of important developments in our energy system by themselves.

We currently develop educational materials for secondary school and higher vocational education, as well as for academic and post-doctoral programmes.

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Watt Nu?!

Our traditional energy sources pollute our environment and will eventually run out. At the same time, our need for energy is still growing. How do we generate our electricity by 2030? Will insulation of our homes become mandatory? What is the cost of energy by 2030? Will we all drive electric vehicles? Will every home have solar panels on its roof? What will our energy future look like?

Such topics were addressed during the first two seasons of 'Watt Nu?!' a discussion programme on RTL7 about the energy future of the Netherlands, to which Quintel Intelligence contributed. For each show, two experts joined presenter Joris Putman to discuss these issues. Politicians, captains of industry and scientists provided their visions on the Dutch energy sector by 2030. Each of the episodes of the first two seasons of the show can be viewed at RTL XL (Dutch).

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The Energy Transition Model is developed by the team at Quintel Intelligence

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